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Hi! I'm Aaro. I'm a Finnish mapper and student. My OSM account:Aaro Hart. My dream is to visit Greenland and I have mapped many archeological sites into northern Greenland from the awesome book of Eigil Knuth's expeditions in the area called The northernmost ruins of the world I love cycling and often add information to OSM after going on rides. I add landuses around Finland and sometimes abroad from satellite imagery sometimes.

Cool things I have mapped in OSM

  • Archeological sites in northern Greenland such as This one and a building used by the explorer Eigil Knuth here (I also made it look cool in 3D F4map) from the book about him I mentioned earlier.
  • Cool 3D building in Roses, Spain. F4map
  • Neighbourhood boundaries in my old home town of Järvenpää.
  • Arctic Umiaq line on the west coast of Greenland.
  • Bus lines such as this one.
  • Buildings and tracks in the desert village of Four Kouni, Chad.
  • Landuses and natural features in Ilulissat and Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland: here and here, Kellokoski, Finland here, Random area in Finland I just started doing for no reason at all here, here and here.
  • And of course probably my greatest work ever (must see) right here.

Non OSM stuff

I am very much against cars and car-centric infrastructure here is a cool video about it by Britmonkey on Youtube.

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