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Hi, I'm Adam Williamson. I live near the Joyce-Collingwood Skytrain station in East Vancouver. is my personal site. I work for Red Hat on the Fedora Linux distribution. I'm hoping to be able to contribute to the mapping data for the GVRD, and I'm also looking at the possibility of running a OpenTripPlanner server for Translink as a public service, and I've registered the domain for this purpose.

I can be found on Google+ and on several IRC networks including Freenode as adamw, and I'll likely be reading and signing up to the relevant OSM mailing lists.

Please feel free to contact me with any advice or comments on my submissions!

I've been adding non-map-y metadata for various businesses in my local area, and intend to carry on doing quite a lot of this sort of thing. A lot of the legal advice on the 'getting started', 'FAQ' pages etc seems to be focused on map-y data, so I've found it a bit hard to get clear answers as to what is and isn't legally acceptable in this area. Based on some discussions I found on lists and the help. site, like this one, I've been adding purely factual information like addresses and opening hours directly from the business's own website - not from a 'service' site like Yellow Pages or Urbanspoon. E.g. I'm adding addresses, phone numbers and locations of multiple-location businesses like London Drugs, BC Liquor Stores, Starbucks, the major banks etc etc etc using the information they make available on their own web sites (again their own sites, not another third-party aggregator of such data).

If this is considered or known to be legally questionable, please do let me know (and revert my edits) so I'm not wasting my time!