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About me

Current projects

  • Modernizing places tagged with the various substation tags
  • Finding odd values in Taginfo that violate the naming rules. For instance name=moms or name=park. See further down this page for other examples
  • Cleaning up landuse_1 and leisure_1 values that were mostly added to the map by Pokemon Go editors. As it stands there are currently over 4000 instances of both on the map. Doing a search for them in OverpassTurbo is also a good way to find other tagging mistakes.
  • Updating the tagging of power substations that use depreciated values.
  • Doing various minor projects on the wiki to update it, expand some sections, and clean up spelling errors.

Cool Area's I Mapped in Detail (WIPs)

Highland Village Shopping Center

Gordon Ranch Marketplace

Cool Area's Others Mapped in Detail

Things on Map Needing Cleanup

Odd Key Statistics

Business POI Stats

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Random Notes

Overpass Turbo

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