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fa-N این کاربر فارسی را در حد زبان مادری می‌فهمد.
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About me

My name is Adib Yaghoubzadeh, and I am an OSM editor from Iran. I became familiar with OSM when I was trying to figure how to add some new features to navigation app. I did a google search and I discovered that this app is using OSM data. Since then, I have been learning and at the same time adding features to the OSM.

Main Contributions

The major projects that I have completed since I joined the OSM community are as follows:

  • Adding service highways of Northern Isfahan Industrial Zone and the highways connecting major road to this zone.
  • Adding Speed Cameras nodes to Tehran-Qom-Isfahan - Delijan - Salafchegan- Arak Primary and Trunk roads in both directions.
  • Adding Iran's Protected Areas to OSM based on the maps available on WDPA.
  • Adding Iran's National Parks to OSM based on the maps available on WDPA.
  • Adding Iran's Wild Life Sanctuaries to OSM based on the maps available on WDPA.
  • Translated the Telegram OSM bot to Persian Language.
  • Adding up to date administrative boundaries for Provinces, Counties, Districts and Rural areas of Iran based on the maps available from the Iranian Ministry of Interior. Before this import, we had only relations for provinces but now we have 430 relations for Counties, 1400+ relations for Districts and 2500+ relations for Rural districts. For more information please visit this page.
  • Adding administrative borders for Tehran's districts. 22 relations with Wikidata and wikipedia links has been added to OSM.

Current Goals

Translating some basic OSM wiki pages to Persian. So far I've translated OSM Good Practice page and started to translate OSM FAQ.