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Hi folks,

I'm working through the Ryedale area of North Yorkshire. Mainly filling in the unclassified roads, but starting to complete some of the more urban areas as I become more familiar with how this all works. I'm quite keen on messing about in boats, so will contribute to the 'Whitewater Map' as much as time allows.

I use a GPS GT-31 for my mapping, which is proving to be a capable device, all the better for being waterproof!

I run the Ryedale Linux User Group and will try to encourage others within that group to take up mapping and hope at some stage to be able to start holding mini mapping parties.


I've been filling in quite a lot of Ryedale this year. With Malton & Norton pretty well complete. I'm expanding the area I'm mapping by car as most of my local roads are now done. Last week I started on the tow path and locks of the Pocklington Canal, have mapped from the canal head to Coates lock, which is roughly 50% of the locks. The locks are tagged is a little dodgy, in my view, but there you go.

I joined in with a mini mapping party at York earlier in the year. That was good to meet up with other mappers.

I'll see what the new year brings.