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!!! Work in Progress !!!


On Highways

To show a portage/inspection route. Rendered as a dashed brown line on top of the underlying highways. Use for any such route, whether mandatory or just used to bypass/inspect a runnable feature. Useful when the route starts well above the feature, is not obvious, portaging should be restricted to the left/right bank etc. Could also be used to highlight a walking route between parking and a get_in or egress

On Waterways

Intended only for 'mandatory' portages (accepting that a few will find a way to run anything) such as:

  • physically impassable e.g. a boulder choke
  • legally protected e.g. a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
  • very dangerous and only occasionally run intentionally e.g. Pont Cyfyng on the Llugwy
  • closed by local lawmakers with "STOP" signs or otherwise

Where a portage is tagged, any section or rapid grade will still be shown as this can still be useful. Knowing whether the 'portage' a swimmer is about to enter is a grade 3 SSSI or a grade 6 rapid allows for a more informed decision. On some rivers where there is a lot of casual paddling, STOP signs exist on weirs which more experienced paddlers normally run.

On ways a portage is rendered as row of purple diamonds on top of any whitewater:rapid* or whitewater:section* information.

On nodes a portage is rendered as LevelCrossing.png with any whitewater:rapid_grade shown on top. The name is taken from the name tag.