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I am retired and split my time between Chiang Mai, Thailand and Homer, Alaska. I am a very active mapper in both regions. My other pastimes are tennis, photography and motorcycling. I have a travel blog, I'm Outta Here, [1] where I write about my travels. I started mapping a couple of years ago and it has become practically an obsession. I started out using Potlatch-2 but quickly moved to JOSM for it's greater power and customizability.

The other areas I've actively contributed to are Buffalo, NY, and surrounding areas, the Adirondack Park in northern NY State, along with Eugene, Oregon, and Greensboro, NC where I have relatives. One of my long term goals is to add to OSM all the tennis courts in the areas I frequently visit.

I've completely updated and corrected the Tiger street data for Homer and surrounds and recently did a tour of central Alaska on the Denali Highway and have done a ton of work on both highway and river systems along the route (Glenn, Denali, Richardson, and Parks Highways). Alaska is vast and there are few people mapping it so there is plenty of opportunity for others to get involved and to make a difference.