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Just (2007-12-09) started this, so there is nearly nothing to read about me.

Some gis related things about me (links are in german, sorry):

  • i search geocaches - but mostly in the wintertime gc user profile and only for recreation - not for winning awards in most founds, newest gear or something.
  • in the summertime, i have to maintain and ride boats: Tremor and Nobile, so i am involved in a type of navigation, where it is a matter of course to use navigational aids behind maps.
  • I did some gis experimentals:

now i'll try the next stage.


  • Computer and software:
    • OSX and Linux
    • gpsbabel
    • maccaching
    • perl, apache, mysql, jaddar, jaddar, jaddar
    • serial2usb adaptor for the mac2garmin-connection: KeySpan 19HS