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september 13, 2008 Hi.

For about one week ago, i got a nonworking Garmin navigator from a friend. The TransFlashcard was missing and it did not hold any map-data. Therefore i was told to look at these pages to see if i could find a map here to download. Well, after many hours i did get produced one map for a part of copenhagen and i got it into my navigator by sendmap. I have now tried to test its navigation skills in my area in cph.V. They are very poor:( I.e. it cant tell me how i get near my homeadress.

Then i decided to participate in this projekt, where i hope to be able to contribute whitout offending those people drowe those faulty lines :o) But i cant get started. There are to many questions i cant find answered anywhere here. I have got the JOSM'editor running and a appropiate map-area loaded and updated, but:

If im driving in my car with my laptop and a GPS'antenna in front of me, can i then find a program to log my driving so i can export it to JOSM ?

The program OSMCUT are described several places on this site, but it's impossible to find syntaxhelp for commandline parametres and the commandline options.

Well, i hope to find answers to my questions one day - it's tough stuff to enjoy this place as a rookie in this mappingworld :o)


I'm mostly moving around in car and on bicycle in København and nordsjælland