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Anders Hedelund

I am a retired danish IT consultant and systems engineer. Once software nerd with focus on data analysis and application usability.

As to OSM I live partly in Turkey where I have been active in mapping the area around Gazipaşa. Mainly here:

This included contact with universities for pinpointing arcehological sites, but mainly field survey travelling all sorts of possible roads - until the car had to be pulled out by tractor. Roman ruins have been localized, hamlets have been found, road surfaces registered, street names looked up etc. etc. In the area above I have NOT touched the 10000 greenhouses and I have NOT identified the forest areas. In 2018 the first road map which is more than conceptual and can be used in a car to find your way up through one and back again through another valley was made.

In the summer I live in Hundested/Halsnæs, so mapping and registering building names there is also on the agenda.

I now have an interest in North East Greenland - a huge, uninhabited and, apart from coast and glacier lines, unmapped area. This is a quite different game as it will not be based on (own) field survey, but rather collect, sort, merge, process, existing data sources..