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I joined the project in March 2006. I live in Taplow (Thames Valley, UK) but have contributed tracks for some widely-spaced places including New Zealand, Switzerland, and the Lake District.

My original goal was to produce open mapping for my Walk Around Taplow site. The OSM-based maps went live in June 2007.

Now I fill in gaps in any area where I happen to be travelling. My main interest is footpaths, so I don't map many kilometres per month!

Most of the time I am an IT Consultant specialising in Directory Services, Mail Systems, Systems Management, etc. I also run a number of Wikis for various communities.


I use a Garmin Geko 200 with rechargeable NiMH batteries. This is the one I refer to if I actually want to know where I am as it has a wide range of national grid options. I also record points of interest on the Geko.

I also have a NaviGPS/GT-11 that I use as my main track logger. Having finally found a compatible flash card it works very well, and the 1GB card will hold many months-worth of data.

Tracks are downloaded with gpsbabel to a laptop running SuSE Linux. I mostly use JOSM for editing.