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My name is Antony Pegg, but everyone calls me Ant (to avoid the non-existent "h" in Antony).

I'm originally from Essex, England (hence Ant The Limey), and have lived in north-eastern United States for the last umpteen years.

I work for MapQuest and am currently responsible for our Open Initiative. Current details of the initiative are usually found either on the MapQuest page, or on

Our current OSM based sites / projects include: - a UK-centric site using OSM data and open source tools, combined with a MapQuest front-end, routing technology, and unique mapnik style where we host Web Services that are powered by OSm data, open source tools, or both. Our first web service is up in beta, and is our directions API using OSM data.

I am an OSM Foundation Member.

I am an OSM-US Foundation Member.

My main edits are of my home neighbourhood, and of a temporary medieval village that only exist for 2 weeks out of the year in western Pennsylvania (AKA: Pennsic)

you can reach me at or (I answer my work email a lot faster, mainly because outside of the office I MUCH prefer real human contact to electronic or remote contact, and sometimes don't check email for days)