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Article 3 of the Constitution of the Republic of Burundi, 18 March 2005, describes the various subdivisions of the country as follows:

"Le Burundi est subdivisé en provinces, communes, zones et collines, et toutes autres subdivisions prévues par la loi. Leurs organisation et fonctionnement sont fixés par la loi. Elle peut en modifier les limites et le nombre."

Translation: Burundi is divided in provinces, communes, zones and collines (literally: hills) and all other subdivisions provided for by law. Their organization and structure are enshrined by law. Their boundaries and number can be changed.

Beyond provinces, communes and collines, no other administrative subdivisions seem to be in use in Burundi today, including zones. This information needs to be verified.

Administrative levels [admin_level=*] in Burundi (proposal, 7 august 2011)
level use note
1 - reserved for intergovernmenatl organizations like the EAC
2 national borders -
3 - -
4 Provinces Burundi is subdivided into 17 provinces
5 - -
6 Communes provinces are divided into a total of 117 communes
7 - -
8 Collines communes are divided into 2,638 collines in total
9 - -
10 - -

Import of boundary information into OSM

Status report on boundaries (7 august 2011)
type status
national complete
provincial complete
communal -
collinal -