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Due to updates on Wikipedia, Wikidata identifier which was used on OSM, might have become a redirect. As the links are automatically redirected to the new identifier, this may not be a big problem. For better data authenticity, it is advisable to update the wikidata identifier. Use a script to get the wikidata identifiers for all places and its old wikidata id in Andhra Pradesh. (wikidata query)

Obtain OSM places with wikidata identifier values using overpass-turbo script as a csv (overpass query. Obtain same data as map format such as xml (overpass query) and download to JOSM and save as .osm file.

Use spreadsheet tool to extract all the place ids (osmfullid) for which old identifiers are in use. Obtain the new qids for the matched cells. Extract the osmfullid and new qid as csv file.

Use osmcsvappender to update the .osm file with the updated wikidata identifiers.

Load the resulting osm file in JOSM and upload to OSM.