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I started being involved in humanitarian OpenStreetMap mapping projects in late 2016 when I joined a resiliency project to map 17 priority provinces (most vulnerable to typhoon/flooding) in the Philippines. Back in 2015, I was one of the GIS Specialists for WebSAFE (Web-based Scenario Assessment of Hazards For Emergencies) Project, a localized version of InaSAFE, where we used OSM data for exposure layer (building footprints). Since then, I have been involved in various OpenStreetMap training physically and online, with Local Government Units (LGUs), students and faculties, Local/Nonprofit/government Organizations, local communities, and mapping volunteers in the Philippines.

In 2018 I met my husband at the State of the Map - Milan conference and in 2019 we were married and had our son. I am a member of GeoLadies PH, an advocacy group for community diversity, collaborative participation, and affirmative spaces especially for women, and under-represented communities in OpenStreetMap.

I am passionate about building inclusive spaces in the OSM community - where the communities that we serve and map are prioritized, listened to, and are able to voice their concerns. The best map of the world should be the best (and inclusive) space for all.