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street cleaning
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Athemis
Tagging: street_cleaning=yes
Applies to: way
Definition: Map whether a street is cleaned or not
Rendered as: Not to be rendered except for special use maps
Drafted on: 2013-11-27


In many municipalities streets are sorted into categories that define if and how often the particular street is cleaned by public services or if it has to be cleaned by the adjacent owners. Those categories are often published by the corresponding municipality. This tagging scheme aims to provide a possibility to add this data to OSM.


Defines whether a street is cleaned (street_cleaning=yes) or not (street_cleaning=no). If known, it can be set to street_cleaning=residents or street_cleaning=official if the cleaning has to be done by the adjacent owners or by official authorities.
Optional. Defines whether the lane/driving surface is cleaned
Optional. Defines whether the pavement is cleaned
street_cleaning:level= (e.g. "A", "B", "C")
Optional. If a local categorization exists, this can be set here. Unfortunately, a general classification is hardly possible as every municipality seems to define its own subset of categories.
street_cleaning:frequency= (e.g. "w" for weekly or "6w" for "six times a week")
Optional. Specifies the frequency in which a cleaning occurs.