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Location : Chad.

About me

I joined HOT in September 2012 through the project EUROSHA - EURopean Open-Source Humanitarian Aid volunteers - which seeks to address humanitarian issues and specifically to promote inclusive humanitarian information-sharing in crisis preparedness.

Before, I studied Human rights and humanitarian law in Paris, lived in different countries and worked for different GOs, NGOs and IOs about some topics like children, education, environment, fundamental rights, health, international financial institutions, international relations, political sciences.

As a member of Chad team, my work is to head up the OSM community in this country through mapping (especially in refugee camps in the South - Goré, Harazé and Maro - with NGOs and IOs), trainings, conferences - Friday of Scientific Research, The days of Open-Source - and workshops (in particular with governmental institutions and universities from Abéché, Ati, Doba, Moundou, N'Djaména and Sarh).

After 6 months, we trained more than 250 actors, a Chad preset has been created by our partner ADIL - Association pour le Développement de l'Informatique Libre - and sustainability is being supported by ACRA, our hosting organization in the field and CNAR - Centre National d'Appui à la Recherche - to increase more and more our visibility.

If you want to know more about it, you can have a look on:

Then I worked for Espace OpenStreetMap Francophone in Senegal in 2013.

Since January 2015, I'm back in Chad for a different work but I'll use my free time to map and/or update as much as possible the country (e.g.: the camps of Goré such as Amboko, Gondjé, Dosseye, Doholo, Danamadja, Kobiteye, different villages around Yamodo, Moïssala, Bessao...).