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2016 Board Position Statement

Tl;dr: I am running for the 2016 OpenStreetMap US board and look to your vote in making such service happen.

The Cliff Notes:

  • My vision for OpenStreetMap US
  • What I have done as your board member
  • What I look to do in the coming year

I have participated in OpenStreetMap since 2007 when I went off to explore Madrid under the auspices of an artist’s residency. Over the past handful of years, I have transitioned to a more active member of the US Chapter and served as your board President for the past 2. During the time I have been part of our board leadership, the OpenStreetMap US community has reached great heights in membership, edits and impact. It has been a pleasure to serve you as we achieve these milestones. I look to your support for this next election cycle.    


This is the most excited I have ever been about where we are and the future of our work. Our US community is the largest OpenStreetMap entity in every way possible. Our mission, our collective voice, and the quality of our work is meaningful and inspirational not only within our own borders but on an international stage as well. More than any time I have served as your liaison, I believe we are at a precipice of meaning. And more than any other time, I hope to be part of our transition to lead that meaning.    


My contribution to OpenStreetMap US cannot be measured in a number of edits. My contribution is the space I create for others and the voice I am for the community. I have never done this alone but I have helped facilitate some of the following:

  • The largest OSM conferences two years running
  • Over 60 OpenStreetMap scholars from over 20 countries
  • The largest fundraising effort
  • Teaching initiatives including TeachOSM and our Harvard law clinic review
  • International contribution by way of the SOTM and Legal working groups.


I am interested in positioning OpenStreetMap US as national and international leaders. To date, much of the US board focus has been to assist our awesome annual conference. I would like to expand our capacity. I hope to support the self-sufficiency of a State of the Map US working group in order for the board to  assist in creating a US community that is sustainable in terms of numbers, voice and use.  By setting a functional example of OpenStreetMap breadth, I also seek to influence the strategic direction of the global foundation.

And so, in short - I seek your support and your vote for the next cycle of OpenStreetMap US board elections. I hope I have already served you with impact and integrity. I hope to do as much again in the coming year.      


2015 Board Position Statement

Last year, Fall marked a rash of OpenStreetMap adventures. I ran for the US OpenStreetMap board and I submitted a proposal to help host State of the Map US at the United Nations. My commitment to supporting and building this vibrant OSM community was in full color. And then — to bring it personal — I had an accident where unconsciousness was on the other side.

Eleven days later when I woke up and as fate, irony, randomness would have it — one of the very first things I was told was that I had been elected to the OSM US board and the conference proposal was accepted. My commitment to you the OSM community — and your support for me — were there at the very beginnings of a long recovery.

OSM US board meetings with our SOTM US planning were the very first things I addressed post accident. I not only had the opportunity to work with and for a wonderfully dynamic community (and board!) but we had the chance to help create an amazing SOTM US at an amazing venue. The opportunity to host such a celebration humbled me from conference proposal submission to the closing address. I am constantly impressed with the breadth of what OSM seeks to accomplish, the respect we all do it with, and the fun we have on the way.

If elected to serve you again, I would continue to support the growth and impact of the OSM US community. In addition to helping create another awesome SOTM US no matter where it might be, I would like to focus on communications that bring our work and our mission to others. Whether that’s building journalism relations or creating a more active blog and twitter emoji feed (!!) we have a lot to contribute and others should know. I also believe the the US chapter of OSM (we) can serve as a inspiration on an international scale. If elected, I would also help create legal and professionalized strategies that can be an inspiration to other OSM communities.