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Hi, I first want to say what a great project, with google becoming more and more omnipresent, grass roots open source is the way forward!!

What i am proposing is to have an cheap little piece of hardware with some sensors recording the ecology, and sending that information along with the GPS trace to be stored and displayed (will probably be also without GPS for older phones -maybe "locate" the trace with photos of street signs or text entries etc.)

I am interested in collecting environmental data with a mobiles & collating & displaying the ecological state of the world around us, such as temperatures, CO2 levels, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC'S) etc..., also particulates & heat variations islands in cities, and liquid sensors for water data!

I also believe this should be an open source, community based project operating globally (which Open Street Map already does), with the data publicly displayed and available for use.

I have limited tecnical knowledge but I assume the process could be

1 collecting temperature, CO2 and Sulphates, VOC's on or next to the phone
2 processing & transmitting it via SMS or GPRS, IR or bluetooth etc - ( or cable, but a on the fly web based system would be more flexable)
3 Storing & processing it in servers,
4 Idealy a map based feedback/submission page, ie a extra layer on a map, or separate webpage, or overlaid on a web map. (Can OpenStreetmap be in one of these secanarios? what are your thoughts on that)

this could display non personal/ accurate data for the public, and anonomous specific data for legit & screened parties, with personal data & range for the contributing user. - idealy a facebook or other app would publish the users ecologica results, and it would help people monitore their carbon use etc.

Currently I am looking up software, groups & webpages etc that are relevant to this process,

If this is of interest, perhaps we could move the discussion to anouther talk stream or separate wiki etc

Obviously the users here have most of the process resolved, and the pollution on streets is of interest to many (asthma, allergies sufferers etc)

Cheers guys!