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key: "urban", Key:urban
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: apapadaki
Tagging: urban=*
Applies to: relation
Definition: Urban is defined as “in, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city”[1]
Drafted on: 2016-04-01


This proposal is introducing the new "urban" key and the "urban:typology" key, with possibility of application to other relative keys such as "urban:density" and "urban:structure".

The key:urban is describing a location characterized by high human population density and many built environment features in comparison to the areas surrounding it.[2]

The key:urban:typology is describing the the taxonomic classification of (usually physical) characteristics commonly found in urban places, according to their association with different categories.[3]


During our project of NGT Zanzibar, we came across with the need to...



Urban:typology key list of NGT values


Key Value Description Photo
urban:typology organic_swahili_urban
urban:typology grid_swahili_urban
urban:typology bazaar_street
urban:typology temporary_commercial
urban:typology high_street
urban:typology institutional_complex
urban:typology low_density_suburban
urban:typology karume_new_town
urban:typology public_recreation
urban:typology limited_access_zone

Applies to

Mainly areas.


In general, these proposed values should be mapped in the same way as...

Features/Pages affected

New Key:urban and Key:urban:typology pages will need to be created to cover those tags;


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