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Software developer located in Trondheim, Norway.

Working for better coverage of Trondheim and surrounding area.


  • Complete local Neighbourhood (started).
    • Stage 1: The area limited by Sigurd Jorsalfars veg, Kong Øysteins veg, Jonsvannsvegen and Brøsetvegen. (completed)
  • Details along my route to work (completed).
  • Rivers and lakes in Midt-Norge
  • Mapping wherever I travel. So far done some mapping in Årdal, Vestfossen, Malm, Arguineguin, Antiparos, Ios, Guarapari among other places

Central Trondheim (Midtbyen)

Complete downtown Trondheim (Midtbyen).

The missing parts:

  • East of Prinsens gate:
    • East of Søndre gate and North of Kongens gate
      • Kattveita
      • Krambugata
      • Cicgnons plass
      • Schjoldagerveita
      • Peter Egges plass
    • East of Munkegata and South of Kongens gate:
      • Munkhaugveita
      • St. Jørgensveita
      • Kannikestrete
      • Park east of City Hall
    • Details (parks, paths etc) around Nidarosdomen, Erkebispegården and Waisenhuset
    • Tordenskjoldparken and cycleways around Vår Frue kirke.
    • Stiftsgårdsparken
  • West of Prinsens gate
    • South of Kongens gate
      • Cissi Kleins gate
      • Hans Hagerups gate
      • Museumsplass
      • Kalvskinnsgata north of Erling Skakkes gate
      • Griffenfeldts gate
      • Park where Elvegata meets Erling Skakkes gate
      • Some footways/cycleways are missing both North of Erling Skakkes gate and between Elvegata and Nidelva
    • North of Kongens gate:
      • Lilleplassveita
      • Drillveita
      • Tyrkrisveita
      • Brandhaugveita
      • Willmannsveita
      • Fotveita
      • Hospitalsgata
      • Hospitalsløkkan
      • Batteriveita
      • Batterigata
      • Lillegata
      • Some annotations (one way etc) is still missing in this area