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About bigbro

I'm based in Dublin, Ireland but can often be found meandering up and down the West of Ireland. Sometimes I even get lost and end up in the UK - most typically London, Cambridge, Leeds or Bradford.

I'm intent on mapping the entirety of Ireland after spending 7 fateful hours navigating (poorly) from Dublin to Kilkenny, due to a complete lack of decent mapping for the area. The lack of signposts and roads didn't exactly help either.


  • e-mail: bigbro at skynet dot ie
  • IRC: bigbro on

Useful links

  • My blog - not all that OSM centric, but sometimes entertaining (if not useful.)
  • SOTM 2008 Videos - I'm working through the >100GB of video I recorded at the International State of the Map 2008 conference in Limerick. As I complete the edits, I'll make the videos of speakers available here.