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Sorry not much to see here. Hopefully will improve with increased knowledge of wiki markup.

I thought I'd explain my approached to claiming that Derbyshire's A and B roads are complete. And also do some thinking out loud.

I have split Derbyshire into multiple polygons bounded by A roads. I then used an old road atlas to mark the status of each polygon. I checked each polygon against various sources both online and in print. I then marked on my road atlas any A and B roads that seem to be missing, wrong or incomplete. I then went out and got gps tracks and photos for the last few missing A and B roads in Derbyshire.

I'm now working polygon by polygon on completing all car navigable ways with...

  • Classification
  • Direction
  • Name

I think this would be a good goal after A and B roads.

Food For Thought

  • Counties are large places to claim levels of completeness for.
  • Complete status is scattered about multiple pages eg. Towns, A roads.

Perhaps it would be useful to have a table with all counties and all 'A road polygons' with columns for many 'levels of completeness'. 'A road polygons' can be identified by a town or village within them and the county in which they reside, a number or both. Possibly a user (or users) could 'adopt' their local polygon.

This breaks down at the coast but I think it's easy for a human to extend the polygon to the coast, bounded by A roads. Also gets tricky where many A and B roads meet in towns and cities. But who said mapping was easy? :-)

This table can then be maintained per polygon and when all polygons in a county are complete the status of the county can be set to complete.

Sadly, I can't think of an easy way to confirm that the A roads are tagged correctly as in the definition on the A road page (relating to green/black and white sign-age).

Possible columns for this table

  • Motorways
  • A Roads
  • B Roads
  • Car Navigable Ways
  • City/Town and Village names

At this point the map would be near complete for car navigation. This column group might be named by the goal of 'car navigation'.

Other groups of columns could be added eg. Public transport.

  • Airports
  • Ports
  • train stations
  • bus stations
  • bus stops

Other possible column groups....

  • cycling
  • Community buildings (libraries etc.)
  • Commercial premises (companies, restaurants, pubs, shops)
  • Buildings
  • postcodes
  • non motor vehicle rights of way. (footpaths, bridal-ways etc.)
  • Water (ponds, lakes, rivers, canals, large puddles :-) )
  • Height information
  • points of interest
  • Trees
  • farming

With some thought this could be translated to other countries. ie. What is a motorway, A-road and B-roads in country 'x'. What should be used instead of county on country 'x'.

Larger countries may have more levels of hierarchy eg. State and county instead of just county.

Each column would have a link to documentation suggesting what criteria need to be met to put 'Y' in that column.

It should be encouraged that each 'Y' in the table be a link to the user who put it there, so contact can be made relating to that 'Y'.

The columns should relate to higher detail left to right to encourage mapping on missing 'Y's from the left.

A table like this could be used to give an overall 'percent complete' for counties and countries.

WARNING: could encourage obsessive/compulsive behaviour in mappers.