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Peter Davies

I am CEO of Castle Rock Associates, a company that I founded in the UK in 1984, which also has US sister companies. We work with federal, national/state and local governments in Europe and North America to research, develop, deploy and operate Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

My background is that of a traffic engineer and transport planner with a little over 40 years of professional experience in Europe and North America. I have also worked on traffic/travel information projects in Japan, Australia and South Africa. I am a European citizen originally from the United Kingdom.

At Castle Rock, we are using OpenStreetMap data -- though not the maps themselves, at this time -- in the next generation of our info systems to describe the locations of traffic events (incidents, roadwork, delays, crashes, etc.) in text and speech that supplements our public-facing Google Map displays. The text descriptions also support "push" emails, texts, Twitter feeds, etc., while the audio is used in apps, on Highway Advisory Radio and on 511 phone systems. You can see examples of our work in state 511 apps and at 511 web pages such as those of Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and regions of California. To find them, or to check out the apps, just Google something like "Minnesota 511".

511 is a 3-digit phone number you can call in the USA and Canada to get audio traffic information.

You can see more about what we do at

There is a picture of me at