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Subversion Logo Brycenesbitt commits code to OpenStreetMap SVN under the name bnesbitt.

I'll keep it short: If elected to the US board, I would seek to contribute in areas of fiscal stability, legal documents, grant-writing, and outreach to new communities of mappers, in addition to general responsibilities.

  • My background includes a directorship at the 501(c)3 non-profit City CarShare, founder of the early GPS and Mobile Data company NextBus (using GPS to inform passengers of bus and train arrival), and grant-writer (including winning a successful Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant related to mapping). I have a strong financial background and experience navigating public bureaucracies and processes.
  • When I mention OpenStreetMap to people I meet, not one in ten has heard of it. But about half are interested. This gap should narrow.
  • I see potential to find new mappers in "interest mapping". Not everyone wants to be a general purpose mapper. But find a community passionate about mobile homes (for example), and you've got a community that may see the value of contributing to the map (for example by mapping sewer pump out stations). There are communities of potential mappers that look quite different from those mapping now.