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This page is a manual proof-of-concept related to maximizing the return-on-investment for making satellite imagery available for use in Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team-coordinated efforts. The problem that this approach addresses is the difficulty in collating lists of places which are covered by available high-resolution imagery in a way that facilitates division-of-labor and elevation of minimum map tracing results for areas which are not designated as top-priority by relief agencies.

This approach capitalizes on the emergence of gridded .osm files for several imagery coverage areas in Haiti. These .osm files have been provided by User:Crschmidt in late January (see addition diff).

Most elements of the work below could be conducted by automated scripts; this manual activity aims to determine utility and requirement leading up to an automated method.


File "noaa-20.1.osm" overlay on slippy map of Haiti

Section A (West-North)

Working with .osm file "noaa-20.1.osm". The image below shows one of four segments of the workspace.

Review of NOAA, 2010-01-20 coverage of place=*
see OSM Mapper for editing activity over the past month
Element # in Element # Imaged
A01 2 0
A02 2 0
A03 1 1
A04 2 0
A05 3 3
A06 4 0
A07 2 0
A08 3 3
A09 3 0
A10 2 2
A11 2 0
A12 1 0
Places covered
Placename Element
Bassin Bleu A08
Chérisi A05
Du Parc A05
Grande Caille A08
La Source A03
Latour A10
Plaine Abraham A08
St Michel Du Sud A05