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Import data sets covering Champaign, IL, USA provided by the City of Champaign. This covers data that has been released under the State of Illinois Open Data Portal ( as public domain.


May 2013 - download shapefiles from Illinois Data Portal, convert to OSM format, tag, fix errors/warnings, and upload

Import Data


Data source site:
Data license: (to view, click top right corner on 'About' link)
Type of license (if applicable): Public Domain
ODbL Compliance verified: no

Import Type

Initially, imported data will include building outlines. Imported data will be entered into the OSM database manually via JOSM.

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

Building outline data includes associated length and area information. This will be removed as it is superfluous information for OSM.

Tagging Plans

Buildings will be tagged with building=yes tags. To identify that the data came from the same source, the champaign: prefix will be used.

Data Transformation

  1. Downloaded data (in shapefile format, using UTM projection) from Illinois Data Portal website (
  2. Convert to .osm format and WGS84 lat/lon projection using tool
  3. Delete original tags (e.g., perimeter length, surface area) and add OSM building tags in JOSM and champaign: prefix
  4. Verify that data is valid in JOSM
  5. Upload data to OSM via JOSM in small sections (likely one square mile at a time for each changeset)


Since the OSM data is being hand-imported in manageable chunks, conflation with existing data will be handled manually in JOSM. I will prefer existing OSM data and tags over the imported data. Most building outline data near the University of Illinois has already been created, so this new data won't override what is currently in the OSM database.


If any errors arise, a full revert will be applied and the dataset will be repaired in JOSM or QGIS as appropriate. Contact user champaigngisupload or be9110 on the OSM website.