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15 year old high school student and amateur programmer. I was born in Manila, Philippines and grew up in Baguio City and Bangar, La Union. But now I live in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. (You have 4 places right there.)

I joined OSM mostly to map Bangar and surroundings, because I know that area best.

I contributed:

  • The entirety of what is mapped of the town of Bangar.
  • A certain expressway under construction.

I plan to contribute:

  • I'm working on a national highway numbering system.
  • More areas of the Philippines, in particular:
    • The rest of the town of Bangar
    • The rural areas of Baguio City
    • I don't know a lot about Metro Manila, but I'll try.
  • A real-time navigation program that can be used on my PC, because:
    • I don't have a good GPS receiver. :( I only use TurboGPS combined with the Windows 7 Sensor API. (Not very accurate.)
  • If I see other things to contribute, I'll let everyone know.

In non-OSM stuff, I'm also in the process of writing a program to convert from English text to Gregg shorthand

Visit my blog at one more chance for news on any OpenStreetMap related activities that I'm doing.

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