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Hobby mapper, joining OSM in Dec 2009. Mapping in Australia, South East Queensland.

  • email:


  • Garmin Oregon 600 GPS
  • Garmin Dakota 10 GPS

Garmin Legend HCx notes


  • Setup display screen
    • from map screen, menu, data fields, data field 4 (show time of day so can photograph the display for photo time correlation)
  • Loading OSM maps vis micro SD card
    • Using Cloudmade errors map files - useful to show what bits are not mapped
    • Only issue I had with this is I reformatted the card on a mac. This made it FAT32 not FAT16 and the Garmin couldn't read it :-(
      • UPDATE: Fixed this by putting the micro-sd in a convertor, and then reformatting it in a camera - came out FAT 16 formatted and all was fine once I deleted the directories the camera made.
    • How to get routes (from GPSies or Bikely) onto the HCx and available for routing?

Mapping Project Interests

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

A number of sections of the BVRT are already open but have not yet been mapped: I'd like to map them - OSM has tags for RailTrails already : - so anyone up for a bike ride?

Queensland Peaks and Mountains

Have proposed an import of Qld Peaks and Mountains, details here: Australia/Queensland/The_Department_of_Environment_and_Resource_Management/Peaks_And_Mountains_Import