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Postcodes Centroids from Code Point Open data

There is a site to display the UK postcode centroids as an overlay. You can see a web page with the overlay on it at You can use this in the Potlatch 2 or JOSM see below. The overlay could be used to help identify the postcode of an object such as a building. Please do not add the centroids themselves to the map. Blog info here: Open Maps

The overlay uses data from the OS OpenData first released April 2010. The overlay was last updated with data released in November 2011.


To add a layer into the Imagery plugin in JOSM:

  • Open the preferences for the imagery layer
  • Click add
  • Type a menu name, such as Codepoint
  • in the WMS URL type tms: (notice the tms: prefix and no ending '/')
  • Save the settings and the layer should appear in the imagery menu.

Potlatch 2

To use the postcode layer as a background in potlatch 2:

  • Click on the background menu and click edit
  • Click add
  • Enter the name such as Codepoint
  • Enter the URL$z/$x/$y.png
  • Select the new background


The data for England Scotland and Wales has been loaded, Northern Ireland's data has not been released.