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Chris Hill, based in Swanland, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK. [1]

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I am going to ignore the endless
rounds of proposals and voting
procedures. Instead, I will use
Taginfo and similar
tools to actually do some
productive mapping.


I edit in the East Riding of Yorkshire and Kingston upon Hull. The roads and general stuff is largely complete for East Yorks and Hull, but a lot of detail especially buildings and addressing, is still needed.

I've added the boundaries to the East Riding and Hull and I may carry on with other surrounding counties and UAs.

I've added the Cycle Routes in the area, with three National Cycle Routes nearby and the main Cycle Byway close to home. There are a couple of Byway loops nearby too.

Since the beginning of 2008 I have kept a blog about my OSM mapping


Natural history, photography and video, technology, building stuff and our allotment.