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Contact because of a future OSM-school in your region

Hi Chris, we have in mind to apply for a new Comenius project.

In the new Comenius project we will include a school from you region. ;-) - , -

Do you have some hints, on what we should have a "mapping focus" for the kids from that school?

Best regards


Manfred, sorry for the delay in answering, I haven't been into the wiki recently.

that part of Hull under a lot of development change, so the first step would be to confirm that the area is well mapped and hasn't changed since I mapped it in 2008. Then any POI details would be useful. There are not a lot of tourism features near sentamu college, but there are shops, etc which could all be added. Details of sports grounds and other recreation need expansion too. In general all of the roads in Hull are present, named and correctly graded, but some need extensions such as turning circles. Another local feature which are missing are ten-foots (only a Hullite would know what they are). They get tagged highway=service, service=alley.

Contact me by my OSM message for more info, my OSM user is chillly. Look at my blog for 2008 onwards for how Hull was mapped.