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The following table contains my proposed entries for software comparison tables. The new entries are colored green, and the changed entries are colored yellow.

Category Key Value Description
General name xyz Display Name
author xyz Who started this project? Who maintains?
wiki xyz Link back to the page in this wiki
web Web adress
svn http:// Subersion, CVS or any DEV related website
platform win;winxp;winvista; win7;linux;macos; android;ios;bada; blackberry;brew;j2me; maemo;openmoko;symbian; webos;wce;wm; wp List of platforms it runs on
code C;C++;C#;Python;Java List of programming languages used
framework GTK+;Qt;mono;J2SE;J2ME;.NET;OpenGL;Hildon List of frameworks used
languages DE;EN;... Supported languages or number of languages supported
genre display;navi;monitor; logger;analyzer;editor; router;converter;renderer Main category for this tool
license GPL;BSD;free;proprietary What free license or properitary?
price 20$;35€;... Costs if properitary
version 1.0 Latest stable version
date YYYY-MM-DD Latest release date
firstRelease YYYY-MM-DD First release date
screenshot xyz.png A screenshot (remove line if none)
description Easy to use, nice UI Description if there are special features. What distinguishs this from other tools?
Main features map yes;no Can it display OSM map?
navigating yes;no Can it provide information about or navigate to places?
monitoring yes;no Can it display information about current position?
tracking yes;no Can it make GPS tracks?
analysing yes;no Can it manage existing tracks?
editing yes;no Can it edit OSM data?
rendering yes;no Can it render map from OSM data?
accessibility yes;no Is there any accessibility feature?
Display map mapData raster;vector Maps drawn using precalculated/resterized images or is it done on the fly?
datasource online;cache;offline Can you store all map data offline? Download a seperated file?
rotateMap yes;no Does it turn the map in driving direction?
3D yes;no Is there some 3D or 2.5D view?
Navigation and routing navToPoint yes;no Can it show direction and distance to a specific point? (useful for geocaching)
findLocation online;offline;no Can it search for a street/place? Require internet?
findNearbyPOI online;offline;no Can it show list of POIs, which around the current position? Require internet?
navigateRoute online;predef;offline;no Can it just follow other GPS tracks or can it calculate an own route using routing? Use for this an online service, or calculate itself?
profiles car;bike;foot;wheelchair What profiles supported if it makes routing?
restrictions turn;access;no Can it deal with turn or access restrictions?
voice yes;no Can it give you commands with a computer voice?
Monitoring current position showPosition GPS;GSM;WiFi;IPaddress;no Use GPS or other source to calculate your current position and show it?
showTrack yes;no Can it show your current track?
showSpeed yes;no Can it show your current speed?
showAltitudeDiagram yes;no Can it show your current altitude diagram?
showAccuracy yes;PDOP;HDOP;VDOP;no Can it show the accuracy of your current position?
showSatellites yes;no Can it show the locations of accessible satellites?
showNMEAlive yes;no Can it show live NMEA data that your GPS receiver send?
Logging track formats gpx;kml;nmea;csv;trk;... What formats for storage can you save your GPS track?
customInterval time;distance;speed;no Can you tune the interval manualy? What's based on?
geotagging note;photo;audio Can it tag media immediately after when it's created? (note can be a simple waypoint, which contains text)
fastWayPointAdding yes;no Can you add POIs with one or two buttons, or have to retype details for each one?
sendPosition sms;mail;www;no; Can it send current position automatically or manually?
Analyse and convert track openTrackFormats gpx;kml;nmea;csv;trk;... What track formats can you open?
downloadDevice garmin;magellan;mtk;no Can it download track directly from device?
showExistingTrack yes;no Can it show existing track e.g. on a map?
showStatistics yes;no Can it show statistical information (e.g. average speed, total distance) about existing track?
existingGeotagging note;photo;audio Can it correlate existing media with track?
editTrack yes;no Can edit existing tracks? (e.g. split out parts)
saveTrackFormats gpx;kml;nmea;csv;trk;... What track formats can you save?
uploadGPX yes;no Can it upload GPX file to OSM directly?
Edit map addPOI yes;no Can you add POIs?
addWay yes;no Can you add ways?
editSource online;cache;offline Can you edit a source file directly? Requires internet?
editPOI yes;no Can you edit POIs?
editTags yes;no Can you edit tags?
editGeom yes;no Can you edit geometries (eg. ways and areas)?
editRelations yes;no Can you edit relations?
uploadOSMData yes;no Can you upload OSM data file to OSM directly?
Render and convert map openMapFormats osm;mp;img;... What map formats can you open?
routingSupport yes;no Is the exported map can be used for routing?
reliefContours yes;no Can it include relief contours in exported maps?
renderingFormats svg;pdf;png;... What image formats supported for rendering?
saveMapFormats osm;mp;img;... What map formats can you save?
generateFiles TYP;TDB;aggregatedIMG;... Can it generate special files for specific platforms?
uploadDevice garmin;magellan;no Can it upload map to device?
Accessibility features accessibility blind;wheelchair Whom it can help?
textOnlyUI yes;no Has software a text only UI?
brailleUI yes;no Has software a braille UI?
explorerMode yes;no Is there any mode to tell all approaching objects?
dangerWarnings yes;no Is it warning you about dangers?
screenReader NVDA;.... Is it support a screen reader?
screenReaderLang DE;EN;... What languages available for screen reader?

The following entries I proposed for deletion:

  • routing
  • turnRestrictions (rename to restrictions)
  • keepOnRoad
  • withoutGPS
  • showDOP (rename to showAccuracy)
  • formats (in renderer section, rename to renderingFormats)
  • publicTransportMode

The mapping workflow

The categories are based on mapping workflow:

Mapping workflow.svg