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About Me
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I spend a lot of time mapping on the Isle of Wight, but I want to bring all of the UK up to a high standard. I believe the current inequality of the quality of OSM is a hindrance to adoption, and I hope that is is improving over time, but we may actually be leaving some areas behind.

I think a key part of OSM is to encourage the release of other Open Data. OSM has directly influenced Ordnance Survey and the data they release, we should keep applying pressure!

OSMs success also indirectly influences Open Data by showing what is possible and that it is a viable strategy.

Currently a director of OSMUK.

I hope that OSM can one day free UK addresses from the current copyright situation.

Corporate Shill

It wouldn't be wrong to describe a lot of my current edits as selling out for our corporate overlords. I've been focusing on retail areas, specifically chain shops. On the face of it, it benefits OSM as most people that use maps are using it for this purpose. If you dig a bit deeper it can also be used for QA purposes and to highlight under mapped areas, diffing the expected results from the OSM highlights areas that are unmapped or out of date.

I produce a data set that is used in Chains that quantifies the difference between OSM and official data. This data is also surfaced in Survey Me!, which can be used to see areas that could be improved.


Stitching together several Open Data datasets we can compute the bulk of addresses (in England, Wales and Scotland), but we are still missing house numbers and/or names. Once we make a decent dent on this, I strongly believe the official data will be released.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is often missing from official data released by the UK government. With some strategic planning I believe we could have a massive impact here, even forcing the release of more Open Data than the rest of the UK.

External data overlays

We now have access to a few datasets that haven't been imported for various reasons. However even when this data isn't of high enough quality to be imported I believe we should still use it and even be displaying it to end users. These datasets have value, and even when they are wrong, they can attract contributors.