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A shell-script for linux for starting and updating josm


  • gets always the newest version of josm-latest.jar or josm-tested.jar (configurable)

Caution: "latest" can have various and serious bugs, please read the changelog when using it!

  • backs up old versions (useful when the new one doesn't work properly)
  • is able to launch an old version of josm (via josm -r [revision])
  • passes all arguments to josm - you can pass files to open with josm, e.g. 'josm trace0*.gpx trace10.gpx'
  • sets environment variables, passes correct parameters to java and uses alsa instead of oss
  • offline mode (-o) (note: this won't be set in josm.)
  • update-only mode (-u)
  • checkout the current or any other revision from svn, compile and start it (-s, may be combined with -r [revision])
  • start arbitrary .jar files, useful for development

Note: when your sound system is alsa (default on most distributions) and you want to do audio mapping you need to install aoss/alsa-oss. If you don't have this and don't need this feature, just delete "aoss" in the last line.

This version was tested and worked fine on ubuntu 8.04 with sun java 6

If you find bugs, have suggestions for additional features, comments,... let me know (via IRC, discussion page, osm-message).

New: Code is now available at github under GNU GPLv3.

Please download and josm.conf into the same folder and edit josm.conf to fit your needs. - the script itself

josm.conf - the configuration file