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I'm Christian O. Petersen

I have been working with CloudMade since spring 2008, and summer 2009 I took responsibility for CloudMade's developer community and our efforts to help the OpenStreetMap community build the map.

Areas where I particularly what to help is building the mapping community in the US, work to find appropriate public data sets and get them imported into OpenStreetMap. Help introduce mapping tools that enable more people to map more.

If you want to help in the above areas or are working on similar projects please contact me:

Email: cop (


Skype: copetersen

OSM Foundation member

I also love geocaching and have done a bit of mapping in the bay area (Silicon Valley: Have been mapping trails in several parks in California:

Muir Beach, Marin - 30% done

Buena VIsta Park, San Francisco - 90% done

The Dish Park (by Stanford), Palo Alto - 100% done

Memorial County Park, Loma Mar - 0% done - bad GPS signals due to tree cover, will try again

Calero County Park, San Jose - 30% done

Wunderlich County Park, Woodside - 10% done

Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve - 70% done

I have also started cleaning up Tiger Data in West Menlo Park, CA