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I am frequently underway by bicycle in Neuss, Düsseldorf and Rhein-Kreis Neuss, so I try to contribute some useful work on the map in this region. I regard openstreetmap not only a map project but also as a health, sports and fitness program. The reasons are obvious, I think ;-)

For mapping and bicycle navigation, I use an Etrex Vista HCx.

I am specially interested in cycleway tagging since I work on a bicycle map of my hometown together with others. Unfortunately, cycleway tagging is quite poor in osm due to the wide variety of possible cycleway attributes - left or right side oft the highway, oneway oder bidirectional, segregated from or combined with footpaths etc.

Two recent developments make me hope that this situation might get better:

  • The acceptance of the proposed feature cycleway:left / cycleway right
  • Springmeyer's mapnik patch enabling the renderer to draw lines with and offset which allows for independend rendering of left and right cycleways associated with a highway.

This encouraged me to to some rendering experiments with mapnik modified by the Springmeyer patch. The patch really works fine but there is still long way to go towards a really good cycleway rendering. If you are also interested in this subject, please drop me a note!

Neuss v7.png