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About Corshamjim

I'm an IT professional living in Corsham, Wiltshire, UK. I started mapping in January 2009 or thereabouts.


I've just started using a Garmin Dakota 20 handheld GPS (but usually have it mounted on the handlebars of my bicycle). I just use potlatch for OSM edits - nothing fancy.

My mapping

My main focus at the moment is to map the National Cycle Network around this part of Wiltshire.

I'm keen to get all the residential roads around here complete so that navigation will work properly and so can then start looking at the gaps in mapping of the rural areas around the town. I'm deliberately concentrating on stuff South of Pickwick Road for the time being.

I've decided not to use OSM data at all in my mapping. I find that using it simply introduces an unnerving uncertainty. I'd rather be out there converting what I actually see on the ground to what's on the map.

To Do List

  • Map NCN Cycle route 254 North from Corsham
  • Walk routes already mapped around Katherine Park and Corsham South of Pickwick Rd, check for e&o and add footpaths.

Slices 1-13. Done: 1,2,3,5,,11