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User going by the same name on OpenStreetMap itself.

I live in the UK but my main focus as far as the map is concerned is on Africa. My main method is using the satellite imagery provided to trace roads. My most significant work so far has been in Senegal and Nigeria, as well as a fair bit in the United Arab Emirates.

I find it tragic that the people for whom a free open-source map would benefit the most are the most poorly served in terms of coverage. I hope to one day see Africa mapped as well as Europe. As a geography graduate, I took a keen interest in development studies as part of my degree, and I firmly believe that visual aids, whether they be simple maps or more complex GIS systems are one the most important tools in fighting global inequality and poverty. To this end I feel OpenStreetMap plays an important role in contributing to this effort.

If you have any questions about my edits, either on here or on the map, don't hesitate to contact me! It would be great to see more people getting involved with mapping in Africa!

A recent PDF has come to light which has detailed the vast majority of Nigeria's main roads, something that has been sorely lacking up until now. I'm currently undertaking a project to get every route listed in the PDF mapped, and would be delighted to have help in doing so. Check out the Nigeria page WikiProject Nigeria for more information!