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About me

  • I am currently mapping my hometown Uetze as well as the sourrounding area from Eddesse in the south to Hänigsen and Bröckel in the north and up to Burgdorf in the west.
  • Usually i am mapping per bicycle using my nokia 6110 navigator to get gps tracks as well as geotagged pictures.
  • For viewing OSM on my phone i found gpsmid to work quite well. I also use it to record tracks and waypoints.
  • For editing the map on my computer i use JOSM and sometimes potlatch for small changes.

Favourite pages



My mapping area (log in first)

What I've done / currently doing

Last updated: 25.01.2009

Mapping in my area: I've done and am still doing a lot of mapping in my area Currently working on:

  • Schwüblingsen/Oelerse and the surrounding area
  • Burdorfer Holz
  • Irenensee/Spreewaldseen

Mapping elsewhere: Also done mapping elsewhere

  • Kassel to Dörnberg

Scottish Islands: I mapped several outer scottish islands using landsat, npe maps and public domain stuff from wikipedia

Other "satellite mapping":

Currently working on:

My bicycle

DWObs bicycle.jpg