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Resident of Webster Parish, Louisiana

I'm the director of E-911 for Webster Parish and my department is currently verifying all numerical addresses and ways throughout the parish. I am in the process of adding the "private" roads in Webster. In our parish, a citizen has the right to name their driveway and it becomes an official road. The local government will come out and put up a sign. Maintenance of the road is still the responsibility of the property owner but you can imagine what problems this causes in keeping maps updated. Our primary purpose is providing up-to-date maps to the emergency dispatchers and local government.

Once we complete our project, I'm hoping we can find a way to share our shape files (ESRI) with OSM. Meanwhile, as I have time, I'm editing OSM for Webster Parish.

I'm very interested in hearing from anyone in this area that is updating Webster Parish in OSM and I welcome the opportunity to share our information. Our office is at 721 Homer Rd, Minden, LA. Office phone number is 318-377-9911.