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I'm a Newbie

Hi I live in Bristol in the UK. I just bought my Geko 201 and have been cycling around having fun. It doesn't work in my back pocket. If you're really interested ;-) you can see my trip to the dentist and then Maplins to get the data cable to upload the trace: I think the bit when I briefly appeared in Bristol Prison was when I put it in my pocket.

If anyone wants to help me use JOSM better let me know! I've noticed my bit of Montpelier in Bristol is absent and I want to put that right, I've spent a few hours trying, learnt a lot but not how to add my streets. Also I'm going to the Isle of Mull, which hasn't been mapped next wee for half term with my GPS and laptop and would love to be able to do my bit.

I just need a shoulder to look over.