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The status of Viareggio on 12 February 2008: The DESERT ;D

Hello! I'm Daniele, from Viareggio.

On 10 February 2008 I said "Let me take a look on Viareggio on OSM"...

In the right side of this page you can see the Image appearing the first time I searched my City on OSM ... Really Desert! :-|

So, I taken my navigator on 12 February 2008 and I started the mapping.

Cities and towns I would like to map/I'm mapping

- Viareggio <<< Mapping in progress [22%]

- Stiava <<< Mapping in progress [80%]

- Massarosa

- Lucca

- Lido di Camaiore

- Camaiore

- Torre del Lago



- TomTom Rider 2nd Edition (with a 1GB Secure Digital) + Tripmaster 1.8a

- My mom's bicycle (Fuel free :-))

- My dad's scooter 150

- Dark Angel (My motorbike, the fuel drinker :-))

- My Legs :-)



   - Suburb "Ex Campo D'Aviazione" (Completed) [on 20 February 2008]
   - Suburb "Varignano"               (80%)
   - Suburb "Migliarina"              ( 0%)
   - Suburb "Terminetto"              ( 0%)
   - Suburb "Marco Polo"              ( 5%)
   - Suburb "Darsena"                 (70%)
   - Suburb "Centro"                  (20%)
   - Suburb "Bicchio"                 (70%)

- I Started on 12 February 2008. Look at the image of 15 February... Really Better! :-)
- On 20 February I have completed the mapping of the "Ex Campo D'aviazione" quarter. (See the gallery)
- On 27 February I have added Burlamacca Canal and 90% of sourrounding canals and waters. 


- On 28/29 March I have mapped big part of Stiava, a Massarosa's fraction where my girlfriend lives.


Deeply improved(about 100 km) A10 from Monaco to Ceriale(SV):

- Added lot of tunnels
- Added several motorway_links 
- Added West to East motorway direction (Doubled motorway)

Working on A1 (adding double ways, tunnels, renaming) Working on A12

Travels + Mapping :-)

Everytime you go somewhere is the good time to do some healthy mapping... :-)

Diano Marina

On 22-24 February I was on Diano Marina (Imperia-Liguria-Italy) for the wedding of a friend of mine. Why not mapping this town?