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My Stuff

Stuff I worry about

Database explosion

  • Some of the uploads I've looked at, had nodes tagged with attributions and such; we don't want to make the same mistake as on the TIGER uploads.
    • {{User/Davetoo/Todo|look at more

Artificial paths

  • How do the tools/operators know when these are meaningless/redundant?
  • pipelines?


Stuff I'm doing

Other People's Stuff

[Project Page]

DRAFT Table of NHD Feature Codes vs. OSM features


The TOC for the Hydrography Feature Dataset will list six Feature Classes:

  • HYDRO_NET_Junctions – Nodes between NHDFlowlines used by the geometric network for flow navigation.
  • NHDFlowline – The core linear network of the surface water drainage system primarily consisting of streams, and artificial paths through polygons.
  • NHDWaterbody – Polygons representing areal hydrographic waterbody features such as lakes.
  • NHDPoint – Points representing hydrographic landmark features.
  • NHDLine – Line features representing linear hydrographic landmark features.
  • NHDArea – Polygons representing areal hydrographic landmark features.