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How do we represent ....

  • Roads-

How do we represent/attribute 2/4/6/8 lane roads? A 4 lane road could be seperated by a median and represented with two lines, but in reality it is only one road(same name). Do you represent this with two lines or is this information stored in the attributes?

  • Recreational Paths-
  • Sidewalks-

How do we represent sidwalks? how do you represent a sidwalk that crosses residential streets, but there is no crosswalk sign or paint on the street. Are there different types of path crossings?

  • Buildings-

How do you map out a building with more than one floor (2-many)or is this just stored in attributes?

  • Businesses-

Businesses take up more space than just a point. How do you attribute this? If there is more than one story in the building there is a possiblility that businesses could be stacked on top of eachother having the same x,y locations, but not actually in the same spatial location(z value)