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About Me

I moved to Guyana from Portland Oregon in Jan 2009. I found the OSM project while looking for maps of Guyana online. Google Maps was disappointing and Guyana was locked for editing. I discovered a few other mapping projects but they kept their data private and I felt I was working for someone else's profit, finally OpenStreetMaps had the openness and flexibility I wanted. Imagine in less than a week the map of Georgetown greatly surpasses Google Maps.  :) Also the data can be downloaded and converted to the format my GPS device needs. When I showed up my GPS showed a dot in the middle of nowhere, but now I can update it daily with my travels and it helps me explore my surroundings.

My background is in IT doing tech support and network administrating. I'm now volunteering in a deaf education program here in Georgetown, which takes me all over the city.


My mapping has focused on Georgetown where I'm currently living.

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