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A man on a mission.

Not much of a mission. I would just like to improve the mapping of the town where I live. That town is St Ives, Cambridgeshire, England. Possibly also other places that I visit. All of my current mapping activities are noted on the Huntingdon page.

At present I am a total cartographic beginner, so apologies in advance for my mistakes. All GPS tracks are recorded using a basic Garmin eTrex. I also use a digital camera to record street names and features of interest. So far, only one man has stopped me and asked of what I was taking pictures. I try to avoid photographing anything (or anyone) which could be considered to be personally identifiable. Perhaps I should design and print out some fliers to give to anyone who challenges me.

By a remarkable coincidence, I also use the name Dormouse for the mapping site. More information on my other interests and activities may be found on my web pages here.