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New user (as of March 2010), from Vancouver, Canada. You can contact me at pete dot lypkie at gmail dot com

I would appreciate any and all suggestions about how I can make myself more useful to the project. I have a GPS and I like cycling around my area (greater vancouver area). If you want something near Vancouver traced, let me know.

Next thing on my list: probably Anacis Island in the fraser river. lots of no-names there.

Neat tip: awesome data for Canada is available. To have it visible in JOSM, first update your JOSM, then go to Edit->Preferences->Plugins and choose wmsplugin (might have to press "update plugins" first). Next, restart JOSM and then go to Edit->Preferences->WMS and add this link to the top list of WMS servers to be displayed in the menu:,vegetation,builtup_areas,designated_areas,hydrography,hypsography,water_saturated_soils,landforms,constructions,water_features,road_network,railway,populated_places,structures,power_network,feature_names&SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.1.1&REQUEST=GetMap&STYLES=&EXCEPTIONS=application/vnd.ogc.se_inimage&FORMAT=image/png& You might want to name it something like "Toporama". Now, when you load some OSM data, you will be able to go up to the main menubar, click WMS, and you'll see the new option for "Toporama" underneath "Landsat" and "Yahoo Sat". This will give you a very detailed map that'll show up under your OSM data, and you can use it (for example) to trace some new features that were missing.