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My name is Greg Morgan. I live in Phoenix, Arizona


How To

Nothing helps better than keeping of a log of how you performed a task. Writing the steps down helps to learn a new subject or helps you remember a task that is infrequently performed. Computer system administrators than I have know call this process keeping a Captain's Log. After several years of mapping I have started to record my Captain's Logs. I hope that they help.


Project URL Status Notes
Keep Right Corrections Phoenix with settings incomplete A great project when I want to make small fixes or I am bored with big changes.
U.S. Tiger Fixup ITOWorld Phoenix Location incomplete I am trying to make Phoenix black and blue.
U.S. Tiger Fixup current focus OSM incomplete I am working on North Phoenix currently.
Downtown Phoenix With Addresses OSM incomplete Lunch time walks with picture taking has really improved this area. I am starting to use keypad mapper for address collection. I use the light rail to get back to work.
Phx Sky Train OSM Mostly complete The area needs final GPS traces. The construction fences are still up around the 44th Street terminal.
Sonoran Boulevard and Paseo Pathway OSM incomplete I GPSed half of the trail and road. The segment from North Cave Creek Road to the center needs GPS traces. The road and pathway will need additional construction activity before GPS traces can be taken.

Junk for my addressing page some day

These are vim regex patterns to change keypad mapper 2 josm osm data files.

%s/addr:housenumber" v="d/amenity" v="drinking_water/

%s/addr:housenumber" v="e\(.*\)"\/>/maxspeed" v="45 mph"\/>/
%s/addr:housenumber" v="e/emergency" v="phone/
%s/addr:housenumber" v="f"\/>/amenity" v="vending_machine" \/> <tag k="covered" v="yes"\/> <tag k="currency:EUR" v="no"\/> <tag k="currency:USD" v="yes"\/> <tag k="currency:others" v="no"\/> <tag k="operator" v=""\/> <tag k="payment:coins" v="yes"\/> <tag k="payment:credit_cards" v="yes"\/> <tag k="payment:debit_cards" v="yes"\/> <tag k="payment:notes" v="yes"\/> <tag k="payment:prepaid_ticket" v="yes"\/> <tag k="vending" v="public_transport_tickets"\/> <tag k="wheelchair" v="yes"\/>/
%s/addr:housenumber" v="h"\/>/emergency" v="fire_hydrant"\/> <tag k="fire_hydrant:type" v="pillar"\/>/
%s/addr:housenumber" v="k"\/>/amenity" v="waste_basket"\/>/
%s/addr:housenumber" v="kk"\/>/amenity" v="recycling"\/> <tag k="recycling_type" v="container"\/>/

%s/city" v="null"\/>/city" v="Phoenix\/> <tag k="addr:state" v="AZ"\/>/ %s/country" v="null/country" v="US/ %s/street" v="null/street" v="East Camelback Road/