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My (temporary) custom tags:


bar-separated list of official or well-known types of daycare, each value in the list can if need be, be divided with a semicolon to provide several values the mean the same. The most accurate should be placed first. i.e. "DK:børnehave|DK:skolefritidsordning;after_school_daycare", here the semicolon combines the more generic after_school_daycare with the DK:skolefritidsordning which can have additional semantic information.

Can so far be used on amenity=kindergarten or amenity=daycare. The first is preferred which it can reasonably be used (mostly because amenity=daycare is not entirely approved yet, and secondly because amenity=daycare has a slightly complicated yet-not-flexible structure to it, yet).

  • "DK:integeret" is an official name for a combination of usual DK:børnehave and DK:vuggestue. However these values should be explicitly given, since the institution may integrate other or fewer kinds.
  • "DK:vuggestue" - Nursery from around 0 to 2 years of age
  • "DK:børnehave" - Daycare (not a preschool) - Lasts from end of vuggestue until start of school (almost always a børnehaveklasse [kindergarten-class] or also called 0.grade)
  • "DK:skolefritidsordning" - A after-school daycare for 0-3.grade which is co-located and administrated by school


  • "building=stands" for stadium/pitch stands. I also specify "roof=yes" or "roof=no" to be specific.
  • "open_hours:phone=<same format as open_hours>" As an example: the consultation hours for a podiatrist (or doctor or other service provider)
  • "name:type=personal_name". As an example: a single practicing podiatrist may simple market services under their own name, or they may be marketing primary under the own name despite having formed some sort of single-person-company with an official but market-intended name. Currently this is also used if it is unknown whether they have a office/clinic/company name but their personal name if prominent (and thus probably the best name to use for name=*)
My Own Notes

Kinds of daycare, kindergarten, preschool and after-school instituations in Denmark. (draft)

  • Vuggestue => nursery of children ages 0 to 2
  • Børnehave
  • Fritidshjem
  • Aldersintegrerede instituationer
  • Kombinerede instituationer (Vuggestue + Børnehave) (2372 i 2008)
  • Skolefritidsordninger (SFO) [børnhaveklasse -> 3. grade (inclusive)]
  • Fritidsklubber
  • ____
  • Børnehaveklasse
  • ___ After-School:
  • Fritidshjem [ børnehaveklasse -> 3. grade ]
  • Fritidsklub/juniorklub [10-13 år]
  • Ungdomsklub [14-17 år]
  •  ???:
  • Daginstituation
  • Pædagogisk pasningstilbud for 2-7-årige børn

To check up on

Spiretoppen på linde allé i vanløse. Har ikke åbningstider

Odense og veje

  • "Trafikveje"
    • Fordelingsveje
    • Gennemfartsveje
  • "Lokalveje"
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